Istanbul’s beauty has made it a magnet for people from all over the world for several decades. The answer to “Why are Travelers Flocking to Istanbul?” is that it’s perhaps the vibrant city embodies both ancient and modern.

Excluding domestic tourists, approximately 11 million people visit the city each year, particularly from Germany, United Kingdom, United States and Russia. Istanbul’s strongly competitive tourism sector is based on its unique juxtaposition of natural beauty and a diverse, historical, cosmopolitan and exciting city.

Istanbul becomes the 3rd most visited destination in Europe 

Priceless moments in the timeless city of Istanbul offers a pristine natural and historic setting, world-class dining and nightlife, luxurious accommodations and a variety of one-of-a-kind attractions. The city is also a magnetic location for tourists searching for alternative destinations. The city maintains its dynamism and brightness the whole year through various tourism types. There is always an opportunity to make the best use of time in Istanbul with a combination of alternative activities such as culture, congress & event, cruise & yacht, health, golf, sports and many more are ready to get explored in the city. Tourism in Istanbul is a major industry and contributor to the Turkish economy, attracting 10.8 million tourists (Ministry of Culture and Tourism - 2017), which yields the city to become the 3rd most popular destination in Europe.

16th Best City in the World
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2nd Global City in Night Life Attractions 
Cities Journal 
25th Global City in the World 
A.T. Kearney 

Priceless moments in the timeless city… 

The answer to “Why are Travelers Flocking to Istanbul?” is that it’s perhaps the vibrant city embodies both ancient and modern. It’s chock-full of historic mosques and monuments, but it also has tons of hip boutiques, cool restaurants, and design-savvy boutique hotels that hipsters, foodies, artists and fashionistas love. The city feels decidedly chic — and travelers from all over the world are taking note, as described by Business Insider magazine. Istanbul is not only one of the particular tourism destinations in specific fields, but also one of the foremost cities in the world with its tourism diversity. Having a bed capacity of 110k Istanbul is ready to welcome more tourists from all over the world.

The Diverse Lifestyle of Istanbul 

As one of the largest cities in the world, Istanbul offers intense diversity for lifestyles, accommodating everyone, regardless of their nationality or personal preferences. As Turkey Home website emphasizes, whether living on a budget or a hefty income, fulfilling their needs and wants is easy therefore highlighting the vast range of facilities and amenities for foreigners and local Turks. From shopping to eating out and nightlife pleasure, Istanbul provides it all.

The statistic provided by Statista presents the most popular cities worldwide on Instagram as of December 2017, sorted by the number of hashtagged posts. As of the measured period, Istanbul was the 5th most popular city on Instagram with over 50 million mentions in hashtags.